Panch Mahabhoot - Five Elements


Campaign of Panch Mahabhoot

According to the Indian knowledge traditions, the entire universe is made of five elements i.e.Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Collectively these five elements are called the Pancha Mahabhoot. If these elements are balanced and exist in their pure form then our life becomes blissful, meaningful and fulfilling. The concept of Pancha Mahabhoot had been common to and accepted by all the civilizations of the ancient world. We can call it the key by which all the secrets of the world were explored, comprehended and explained. On the one hand, Maharishi Charaka explains the principles of Ayurveda through this concept, and on the other the Japanese Samurai Miyamoto Musashi taught the techniques of sword fighting using the philosophy of Pancha Mahabhoot.


Expressed through the voice and felt by the earth. This is the first element of the universe. It is also called void or space.


This is the second element of the universe which originated from the sky. It is expressed through touch and felt through the skin.


This is the third element of the universe, which originated from the air. It is expressed through the form and felt through the eyes.


This is the fourth element of the universe, which originated from fire. It is expressed in rasa and felt by the tongue


Fifth element of the universe that originated from water. It is expressed through smell and felt by the nose.

Panchmahabhoot Conference

On the day of 3rd April 2022, leading intellectuals, scholars, academics, social workers, politicians, and religious leaders from all over the country gathered at the Pusa Institute in New Delhi. They all agreed to take the recourse of the Panch Mahabhoot philosophy once again for a better understanding of the country and the world especially in the context of climate change. Institutions like Deendayal Research Institute, Gram Vikas, and Bhartiya Kisan Sangh took responsibility by stepping forward in this direction. Many ministries and bodies of the central government also joined the initiative. Presently, a number of seminars and conferences are being conducted all over India on the theme of Panch Mahabhoot.

Panch Mahabhoot Conference

In other words, the Matha wants to achieve the following three goals by holding this Mahotsav:

Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math has been a part of this campaign since its inception and as such is determined to fulfill its obligations. Accordingly, Matha has decided that a huge festival (Mahotsav) will be organized on the Matha premises in February 2023. This festival is being designed in such a way that the common man becomes not only aware but also active in adherence to the concept of Panch Mahabhoot i.e. very much visible in the traditional lifestyle of India.

Extensive Research and documentation of the traditions and practices of India (esp. of Rural India) in all possible media formats including books, magazines, albums, paintings, drawings, films, and three-dimensional models.

To acquaint the modern youth with the traditional knowledge systems of India.

To make the traditional (rural) society aware of the scientific thinking and relevant contemporary modern technologies.